Storm used his hand to shape her body against his.  Lisa could not stand it, his touch, even her anticipation of his caress, sent tiny fires up her spine.  She thought she would explode.  She did not know how he did it, but she loved it.  His control, his power was addictive.  Storm engendered everything masculine, once more he knew it.


            This man could ruin everything in her life and destroy all the she had built and sacrificed.  He could take everything from her with one word from his mouth.  How ironic, the person who possessed her right now could be the person who could ruin her future.  Yet, she didn’t care about that, or anything else, only the present mattered.  His hands on her body, the heat of his breath tickling the back of her neck, and the promise of his penis buried in some orifice of her body was all that mattered to her now.  All she wanted was to be physically apart of the power that she knew all too well he consumed.


            Damn! Lisa could not think anymore.  Storm was leaving no valley untouched, or forest unseen.  Her senses were being pushed well beyond the brink.  Storm’s love-making was slowly bringing her to the point of combustion.  The sheets were wet, sticking close to both of their bodies.  Storm guided his hand from between her breasts to her navel, where he stopped to apply pressure so that her bottom pressed more firmly against him, so that her clit would teasingly brush up against his hard length.  But Lisa knew better that to try to get him to enter before he was ready, so she just rode the wave of frustration and anticipation that he had honed like a maestro.


            They were already in their second hour of love making, both had found their release, several times, but for Lisa, her hunger for him had barely been diminished. No matter how exhausted she may have previously felt, just his simple touch would give her a Pavlov reaction.  She would feel herself become instantly wet and her weariness would disappear.  His touch seemed to be the remedy for all that ailed her.


            “God, you feel so good.” He whispered in her ear.  Touching the tip of his tongue to her ear lobe, Storm ran his hand down her perspiration dewed back, hitting every erogenous zone during his journey toward her sexual core.


            Finally, he used the tip of his penis to tease her feminine lips.  Lisa prayed that he was going to put an end to the incredible need that was building in her body.  Storm vowed to wrench every possible response from her before he would put and end to both of their suffering.  “What do you want?” he asked while kissing the curve in her back.


            Instantly, her body arched in response to his kiss, imitating a cat’s stretch.  Lisa wasn’t so naïve as to fall for this seemingly innocent question, she knew he would continue to make her burn before he put the fire out that he created. “I want all of you, baby” she answered.


            “Chicken” he laughed as his mouth traced its own course down her buttocks. His hands cupped her thighs as she tried to subtly move so that he could gain greater access to the place she wanted him to pay the most attention.  “No, No, No” he crooned.  “All things come to those who wait.  It won’t be as good if you rush it.”


            Suddenly, she had the feeling that she may be able to push him, a little.  “Storm, stop messing around, do it, now” she called to him with a mix of pleading and command in her voice.  Instantly, she felt the atmosphere change in the room. What used to be hot and sexy turned cold and still, as he froze.


            She felt him slide up her body, and while he held his body’s weight using one hand grasping the mattress slightly above her own and a knee resting outside of hers. She felt his other hand move up her stomach through the middle of her chest and loosely grasp her neck while cupping her chin.  With steady force he pulled her head up so that she could meet his obsidian eyes.  “Don’t ever forget, I tell you where and when.” As he finished the last syllable he blindly thrust into her body. 


            Almost in a panic, she did not know what to do.  She prayed that his aim was true.  All ten thick inches of him could cause certain damage if he missed and caught her at the wrong angle. But of course his aim was impeccable and the naughty mix of his anger and her apprehension from his sudden change of attitude, only served to push her over the edge to culminate in what felt like the biggest orgasm of her life.  As she rode the waves of her completion she felt him violently thrust into her body.  With each thrust it only served to push her higher till she felt a sense of nothingness.  It seemed as if her body could no longer process any more input and it sort of floated.  She could no longer see, hear or smell.  All of her senses were on overload and darkness descended.


            After Lisa came back to herself, she felt the haze of their lovemaking recede and Storm’s breathing evened to a slumbering momentum.  Finally, she knew it was safe to think about their relationship.  But to understand their unique acquaintance, one had to understand that it was Storm who was at its center.  He had the type of personality in which everything seemed to revolve around him.  His very presence brought life around him to order.


            Lisa looked at him sleeping; he was not what one would call a peaceful sleeper.  He looked like he was on the verge of waking the entire time.  He was a man who could be called beautiful.  Physically, Storm had a combination of masculinity and beauty which was uncanny.  From his jet black hair to his almost femininely full lips he mesmerized women.  His trim body always looked hard and strong and was a wet dream in the making. But it was the eyes that put caution in any smart woman’s heart.  His eyes were unforgiving. Nothing yielded in those orbes of ice.  If one was to loose herself in those, she would never find her way back again.  Lisa knew first hand because when she met those piercing blue eyes for the first time, she was lost forever.


            Lisa slipped out of bed, put on her robe and walked to her windowed terrace.  The night was peaceful, yet her straying thoughts continued to ponder the man in her bed.


            No man had ever made her feel so alive.  What scared her most was the possibility that no man would ever fill the void he would leave behind when he finally walked away.  She knew she was had no hold on him, she was just one of the many women that had the pleasure of him in her bed, since his marriage collapsed may years ago.  Lisa was tired and afraid of living each day as if that one might be the one in which he left.  For some time she held on to the knowledge that she was the only other woman that he slept with, but now that thought was losing its security.  Lisa wanted to be the only woman period, but she knew that was not possible.


            Lisa turned and looked into his sleeping face, wondering when these stolen moments together had stopped being enough.  As she pondered this question, she knew it was the permanency which she sought in his life that would be the very thing that would bespeak the end of their relationship.  Lisa had promised herself in the early period of their time together that she would ask no more of him.  From the first time they came together she knew where she stood.  Storm never made any empty promises and he never even hinted that he would ever leave his wife.  She didn’t want to contemplate what type of woman she was to even want him to sever his obligation to his wife.

  Clearly, she would always be some side action for him, and she couldn’t hate him-for not giving any more than what was agreed.  She always had a choice, she had made it and it was a simple as that.  Only now, and for some time, she experienced the feeling of increasing emptiness and it threatened to overwhelm her, and it was time for her to leave.


            A beeping sound pierced the room, instantly she knew that Storm was awake.


            Storm awoke to the sound of the alarm going off and in one swift movement he shut if off and perched at the side of the bed.  His instincts told him he was alone, so his eyes silently searched for Lisa’s figure.  When he found her some part of him relaxed.


            “Why are you standing in the dark?” He asked, looking straight into her eyes, searching for the answer before she spoke.


            “I could not sleep.” She said simply.  “It is a beautiful night so I decided to get up and enjoy it.”


            For weeks Storm had been receiving weird vibes from her.  Quietly, she seemed to be distancing herself from him and for some reason it bothered him.  He stood up, unconscious of his nudity and moved toward her.  Watching him stride toward her with his long length almost made Lisa melt, his nearness and the heat in his eyes almost made her loose all of her hard fought resolve.


            Oh lord, how am I going to bear to be away from him?  Even now all I want to is to have his arms around me.


            As he continued to move toward her and reached out to her, he watched as some unknown emotion flew from her countenance and saw passion and desire take its place.  Her body leaned into him, and for the thousandth time he found something lost inside him slam into place.


            “I’ve got to go.” He murmured in her ear and he held her closely in his arms.  He then buried he nose in her hair so that he could drink in the scent of her, that clean almost lemony scent that reminded him of a clear crisp day. Finally he pushed back gently so that he could look into her eyes and found them welling with her own special brand of tender understanding. Finally, he kissed the crown of her head and felt her eyes on him as he turned to get dressed.


            All the while he was dressing, he pondered how it all felt so different this time. The end of their lovemaking; it felt like the last scene of the last act of some significant play; a production where one finds himself still seated, staring at the stage, long after the last curtain call.