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Interracial Erotica

Interracial Erotica

Michelle Jefferson

A friend recently encouraged me to find my "Joy."  When the rest of life isn't all we'd like it to be, she said, focus on what brings you joy.  Writing erotic fiction is, I've concluded, one of those things for me. I can't afford to quit my day job :-) but writing erotic fiction certainly makes the nights more fun! I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.  Feedback is always appreciated.

All my best,

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Why Michelle is MIA

I miss all of you! I am snowed under with a professional (as in non-fiction, and boring) writing project, but can't want to get back to the GOOD stuff. LOL. Thinking of you often. Best,MichelleWate...

Waterfall, Part 4 submitted

Thanks to all for the kind, encouraging comments on my Waterfall Series. I apologize for sort of long wait on the next installment, but sometimes real life.....I just submitted Part 4: School's out....


Thank-you for all of the kind words on Part I of my Waterfall series. Part II is now available.Best,Michelle
I'm working on the next part of my Waterfall story. Lee and the Professor continue their weekend together, and all of the erotic discovery that goes with it.