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"Make Her Want It" Is Available Today

Interracial Erotica

"Make Her Want It" Is Available Today

Tracy Ames, the bestselling author of Seduce Me, brings you the eagerly anticipated sequel…

                                      Make Her Want It

Seduce Me, introduced you to Sonya Lewis, an audacious attorney from a middle-class upbringing, and Edward Von Marks, the breathtakingly handsome and overly arrogant Crown Prince of Sarbania. After a heated liaison, Edward welcomed Sonya into his realm of decadence as his submissive. As long as she behaved, the world was placed at her feet. But Sonya was no shrinking violet and found Edward wouldn’t be denied what was rightfully his. Now their story continues.

Their incendiary relationship soon becomes a journey of self-discovery whilst they struggle to preserve the essence of who they are. For Edward, this tears at the very heart of his exalted position and threatens to destroy him. As for Sonya, her association with Edward all but guarantees the unmitigated loss of her anonymity and unwanted thrust into the public eye. But it’s her secret which promises to bring Edwards’ kingdom to its knees.

I am extremely excited to have Make Her Want It almost out of the door. It was a joy to write and I’m sure you’re going to love it. Edward and Sonya have become one of my favorite couples. These two have very strong personalities so when they come together it’s like fireworks! The story, as a whole, will draw you in but watching them develop and grow as individuals will make you stand up and cheer. I promised my readers their story would be worth the wait—well the wait is almost over. Pre-order your copy today!

To show my appreciation for your support, the first 50 individuals who pre-order will receive:

  1. An autographed copy of the Make Her Want It. If you’re purchasing multiple copies, each will be autographed.
  2. Their names (or website) listed as a dedication in the book as well as on my website.
  3. A one (1) hour Q&A session with me. We can talk about the book, my writing, or the tea in China. The floor will be open for questions.
This offer can not be found anywhere else. This is strictly for my loyal readers who have been there from the very beginning. Thanks to you, Make Her Want It is coming out of the gates on the bestsellers list.

Please note:  If you would like an electronic (eBook) copy of this book rather than the paperback version. Simply leave a note in the "special instructions to seller" box. Don't worry, if you forget to leave me a note, simply send me an email that you would rather have the eBook version and we'll make sure you get your copy on the release date. 

Excerpt from Chapter Two:

The advisors quickly gathered their belongings and took their leave while James and Edward flipped through Edward’s planner.

“You rang, Your Royal Highness?” Sonya bowed mockingly.

“Yes,” Edward mumbled deep in thought. “We’re attending a dinner tonight. Be ready by seven o’clock.”

Sonya snorted. “I can’t make it. I have two very important clients lined up, and I have to be prepared. You’ll have to take someone else.”

James and Edward both looked up slowly from their task. Their heavy gazes fell upon Sonya, malevolent in their intensity.

“I’m sorry.” Edward nodded politely.

“No problem.” She turned to leave.

“No… I’m sorry you misunderstood me. It wasn’t a request.” His voice was icy and flat. “Please be ready by seven o’clock.”

There was no further discussion. Humbled, she turned to them and answered, “I will be ready.” With the briefest of nods, she hastily left the room, priming herself for Edward’s tongue lashing. Why had she defied him in front of James?

Moments later, Edward joined her in the bedroom, where she busied herself. She met his stare and maintained an outward display of calm even though inside, her stomach was doing horrid flips. He leaned against the door, his arms folded over his chest, collecting his thoughts. He hadn't uttered a word yet, but his anger penetrated her bones. She wished he'd speak.

“I apologize,” Sonya offered.

“What were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t thinking.”


His abruptness forced the air from Sonya’s lungs and averted her eyes. Thick and heavy silence stretched between them. Part of her was indignant whilst another part genuinely regretted her actions. “I’ll…um...I’ll collect my belongings and go.” She swallowed.

“I didn’t ask you to leave, Sonya.”

“But I’ve disappointed you.”

He took her by the shoulders and moved past her. “Yes, you have disappointed me greatly.”

She followed. “Edward, it was a mistake!”

“I can’t afford for you to make mistakes!” He turned sharply. “You know better! What we do and what we say in private is our business, but once we step out of those doors, you need to remember that I’m a Prince! You cannot challenge me in public—no one can! You should have spoken to me in private, but your defiance forced me to be an asshole!”

“You’re absolutely right. I was out of line. If my assistants had conducted themselves in such an insolent manner, I would’ve fired them on the spot.”

“Don’t ever let it happen again.” The frigidness of his tone mirrored that of his eyes.

Sonya bit her tongue and fought every inclination to tell him off. She’d admitted her indiscretion; he could at least apologize for assuming she’d bend to his will. Obviously, he’d forgotten who she was. She wasn’t his toy or his arm candy. She was his submissive, yes, but she wouldn’t be disrespected.

“It won’t happen again.” Her eyes narrowed. “But you shouldn’t have assumed I’d be free to join you. I have a career to think of—a life of my own. Unlike you, I don’t have the luxury of attending gala after gala and—”

“You have a career only because I allow it,” Edward interrupted.

“I have a career because I busted my ass and I'm damn good at what I do—not because of you!” They now stood toe to toe, her hardened glare burning through him. “You hate that there’s a part of me you can’t control. You’re jealous because I have a life outside of you.”

“You’re wrong, Sonya. I respect your intelligence, but don’t flatter yourself into believing that your interests matter to me. They don’t. When we’re together, my wishes take priority. You’re mine to do with as I please… and if you no longer accept those terms, you know the way out.”

“Don’t tempt me,” she hissed and shoved him backwards, giving her room to pass.


                                                   End Excerpt

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