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Charisma Knight's Most Recent Books

Interracial Erotica

Charisma Knight's Most Recent Books

I’m Charisma Knight, a multi-published author who dwells in the Maryland area with my darling daughters. I’m an avid reader of anything stemming from the interracial erotic and highly unusual paranormal genres. Did I mention kinky?

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Title: Alone
Silver Publishing

After experiencing a traumatic childhood, Darcelle Campbell carries scars that never healed into her adult life. Her guardian angel is placed on earth to prevent her from suffering a tragic event on Christmas Eve.

However, Jack can only do so much. It is Darcelle who must change for the better to ensure the dark event never occurs. In addition to this, she must open her heart to Harley, or lose everything.

Will she tear down the walls she's worked so hard to construct over the years, and allow herself to experience love from a man who strives to stay by her side no matter what, or will she forfeit it all, and succumb to the tragic event foretold by Jack?

Title: Revealing Thorn
Amira Press
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Demon slayer Thorn Magnusson is paid a visit by Wolfe McCoy, leader of Bad Boys Inc, and coerced into accepting an assignment that will clear his record, for good. His mission is to protect sassy witch, Lena Hendrix from Dirik, a descendant of Grendel.

From the moment he laid eyes on her, Lena invoked feelings deep within Thorn he couldn't understand, or ignore.

Their bond strengthens every moment they are together, and eventually he lowers his defenses, while continuing to harbor his dark secret. Who will protect Thorn's heart from the sensual vixen once she discovers his true identity?

Title: My Dark Lord and Master
 XoXo Publishing
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Ever wonder what dreams and fantasies are made of? Some believe one mirrors the other. Perhaps a fantasy is based upon a dream you had one restless night. Maybe a dream, once a fantasy has presented itself to you in the form of a half man, half beast, conjured by the darkest depths of your imagination.

Once manifestation has occurred, how will you react when your dark Lord and Master projects you into his domain, placing his mark upon you for all eternity? When it is all said and done, would you regret the strong power of imagination?

Title: Spiritwalker
Sugar and Spice Press
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Things can’t get much better for Vivian Patterson at the ripe old age of thirty-eight. She’s got an excellent job, looks that kill, and a smokin’ hot bod. Oh, she also has a loving, faithful boyfriend who sends her blood pressure skyrocketing through the roof. She couldn’t ask for anything more, right?

Magnus Abernethy, Vivian’s boyfriend is all any woman could ever want in a man. He is handsome as hell, has an adorable personality, and willing to go that extra mile to please his woman. Magnus is the total package. There is just one problem with this relationship. Magnus is a spirit, trapped within another realm….

This situation was never a problem for Vivian, but she discovers as time moves on, she craves him to be flesh and blood, forever, not just for an entire evening.

Can Vivian and Magnus overcome a witch’s cruel curse, and carry on through life, the way it was intended, or will the menacing dark force from their past threaten any happiness that may be in the stars for them?

Title: My Serbian Wolf
Amira Press
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Niko sacrificed himself once for the sake of his pack, but will he discover another lesson of self sacrifice that may release him from his spiritual imprisonment?

Centuries later, he discovers his life mate, Rebecca, the one who can make him whole once again. For Niko and Rebecca, a second chance at love is just a breath away.

Title: Just An Average Vampire
Amira Press
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After discovering the courage to divorce her abusive husband, Trina Jones rises from her ashes like the legendary Phoenix. Strong-willed and determined, she rebuilds her independence. After her divorce, a string of bad luck sets her back tremendously. Faced with eviction and repossession, Trina becomes frustrated. To make matters worse, she is laid off from her job.

Vampire Cecil McKagan graciously accepts Trina into his home once he discovers her hardship. The bond between them ultimately strengthens, and the pair become lovers. However, past negativities threaten to tear the couple apart...

Title: Daywalker
Sugar and Spice Press
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Plagued by dreams of a bloodthirsty vampire, Egyptian daywalker Akaisha soon discovers the man to be as real as her father, the Pharaoh. Abducted from her home, Akaisha discovers she must quickly adapt to her new surroundings or suffer her demise.

Realizing the necessity of obtaining a special daywalker to protect his coven during daylight hours, Lord Daegan travels to ancient Egypt with the assistance of his magus, claiming Akaisha for his own.

When in proximity of Daegan, Akaisha causes him to develop emotions, eventually melting away years of darkness. With every meeting, Daegan senses a familiar presence the Egyptian daywalker exudes.

Forty years of deception lie within the walls of Castle Daegan. With Akaisha's help, Daegan discovers hidden truths, reopening unsavory wounds deep within.

Title: Soul Seduction
Sugar and Spice Press
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Patience is a virtue—especially if you're waiting for your soul mate's rebirth.

Vampire Angelus Cronen loved, lusted for and inevitably lost his true soul mate over two centuries ago. She was the beautiful slave, Vivienne, who set his body on fire and branded her name on his soul. He was told to have patience during the long years that separated him from her resurrection. His lust only grew to have her in his arms again. His dark soul's deepest desire was to bring her spirit once more under his control.

First he has to conquer the dark side of his spirit, the beast within who can and will destroy his soul mate with the least provocation. Seduction can lead him to a love meant to last an eternity or cause him to murder her

Title: The Beast Within
Sugar and Spice Press
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Ever wonder what you would do if you crossed paths with a vampire? Would he be that sweet gentleman, sweeping you off your feet without a moment's notice, or would he be the epitome of evil, the devil incarnate? Do you think you could easily bed him for one night only, and leave, unscathed? Perhaps so, but what do you do when he repeatedly seeks you out, contemplating dark plans for the future. What would you do once realizing beneath that handsome facade lurks an evil, menacing dark force?

Beautiful, and promiscuous Diana Carrington prowls the club scene with her female posse in search of male companionship. Physically drawn to the debonair vampire Julian Grey, Diana ultimately falls for him.

Their sexual attraction to one another blossoms into a full blown relationship, but Diana suddenly realizes she's in over her head with the vampire who harbors a dark secret, and a demon that may very well lead to her demise.

Title: Her Dark Desires
Sugar and Spice Press
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Dremon, a five hundred year old tall, dark, and brooding vampire has been alone far too long. From the moment he laid eyes upon Anais, he read her like an open book.

Swearing an oath to claim the sensual goddess, Dremon suddenly realizes she is what he has searched for his entire existence. Her exquisite looks, strong will, and fiery passion intrigues and seduces him all in one breath.

Two different beings from two entirely different worlds quickly discover they have an insatiable thirst of forbidden carnal desires. Together, they delve into the depths of the darkest parts of their souls, discovering they can never truly sate the untamed fire down below.

Title: Menage Unchained
Beautiful Trouble Publishing
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Friends Steve Guidotti and Jerry Frigaard know that anything worth having is worth fighting for. In an effort to win back their old flame Siobhan, they use the skills that made them the successful businessmen they are and concoct a plan. While they both enjoy Siobhan’s spice, one man is madly in love with her. Of course, he won’t admit it.

Siobhan Anderson knows what she wants in life, in business…and in bed. In life, she wants happiness. In business, she wants to be the boss. In bed, she wants it all. Having not one, but two alpha males sharing her bed, Siobhan has more than she needs, but she has fun…and the love marks to prove it.

Or she had fun…until she kicked both men out of her bed. Though she knows it was the right thing to do, she reluctantly admits (to herself) that she misses Jerry and Steve. No one else ever rocked her body like those two. Accepting their apologies and the two men back in her life, she soon discovers that not only are they rocking her world, but one of them has obtained a little piece of her heart as well.

Can Siobhan continue to withhold her true feelings, or will she accept them, and choose the man who holds the key to her heart?

Publisher: Amira Press
Genre: Paranormal/Menage/IR Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 8th
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In an effort to escape her sister's sadistic lust for power and her clan's dark family curse, Simone retreats into the world of the vampire for survival purposes. While dwelling within the coven, she meets her vampire mates Sax and Lucius. Eventually, coven law requires them to turn her vampire. There's just one little problem. Her mates are unaware of Simone's true nature.

How will Simone survive the vampires discovering her identity--especially when others of her kind have been enemies of Steeleheart Coven for centuries? Furthermore, can she escape her sister's clutches and avoid embracing the dark destiny of her clan?

Simone ducked just in time to dodge her sister’s blow to the jaw. Seeing an opening, she delivered a powerful punch to Selena’s midsection, which knocked the woman against a large tree, almost splitting it in half.

“You cannot escape your destiny, Simone. I won’t allow it!” Selena rose and huffed in a fit of anger, and her breath formed billowy puffs in the crisp night air. “How can you deny us? You’re nothing more than a traitor!”

“I’m not like you—or the others,” Simone bit out. She watched as her twin sister’s chest heaved uncontrollably. Selena’s body shook in pure anger, and the evil vibrations emanating from her were almost too much for Simone’s psyche to endure. She pitied her sister. The black aura surrounding her was proof of her allegiance with darkness. She could barely stand to be in the midst of her clan because of their greed and insatiable lust for power; therefore, she always knew when a clan member was near. The tingling sensation up and down her spine was a warning.

Every member had to face the inevitable—forced to choose between good and evil in their twenty-first year. Those with pure hearts who were strong enough to withstand the temptation were killed by clan members who willingly turned their lives over to the dark side. This last feat was to prove worthy of darkness, by taking a pure life. Along with this choice also came the horrific physical transformation.

“Let me go, Selena! This isn’t what I want! Why can’t you see that, or are you too far gone? By the gods, I’m your sister!”

Selena pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes. “Yes, we are sisters. We are like Fire and Water!” She glowered at Simone momentarily. “I want you to rule by my side and conquer those who are weak, even those who are strong, but I will need all resources. That’s where you come in, Sis! I cannot do this without you!”

Simone shook her head. “I wish to coexist outside the clan. I want a normal life, not one such as this!”

A horrific smile curved Selena’s lips. “Think about it! Paranormal creatures no longer have to live among the humans! We are free to show our true nature! The vampires dominate the humans; why can’t we?” Selena’s eyes darkened. “Together, we can wipe out the top covens, and I’ll show you power you’ve never known!”

She paused before speaking. “You have my answer. I will speak no more of this madness.” Simone chose her fighting stance. “We’ll fight to the death.” She felt the wind shift as loneliness and anger permeated the atmosphere. Selena threw her head back and screamed in the night, in a fit of rage.

“Mother and Father clung to the same weakness as you.” A black mask of evil erupted over Selena’s face, and she smiled grotesquely. “That’s why I had to put them both down!”

A large knot formed in the back of Simone’s throat, and pain drilled into her chest at learning the truth after many years. “You!” Rage coursed through the young woman like a locomotive. “You killed them!”

“Oh, Simone,” her sister clucked. “They did not want to live in this world. I set them free, darling. Don’t worry, though. I ripped their throats out without much difficulty.” Her sister smirked. “They were sleeping. I don’t think they felt a thing.”

“Bitch!” The overwhelming grief dulling her instincts, Simone released a blood-curdling scream while charging her sister. Although seeing red at this moment, deep down she knew Selena had done this to her purposely, knocking her off balance in an effort to make her endure these feelings of despair in hopes she’d choose darkness.

She was snatched back into reality as her sister gripped her around the neck, then flung her into the air, and finally slammed her into the frozen earth. The urge to surrender bubbled within Simone as Selena placed a boot-clad foot against her windpipe. Perhaps this would be the last night of her life.

Selena looked down at her pitifully. “You’re so pathetic, but rest assured, I won’t kill you on this night. Know this, though. In one year’s time I will come after you with all that I have if you do not join forces with me and our clan. You must come willingly!” With a smirk, she pressed the sole of her foot harder against Simone’s windpipe, causing her to thrash. She released the boot with a cruel laugh. “By the gods, I could kill you so easily!” Selena removed her foot with a smile. “I’m sorry. Is there something you wish to say?”

Simone sat up choking as her sister slowly backed up toward the forest. “You can’t dominate what will cease to exist,” she coughed out bitterly as a plan quickly formed in her head. She winced at Selena’s harsh push against her psyche, but quickly threw up a shield so her thoughts could not be deciphered. “Stay the hell out of my head, Selena!”

She watched with a heavy heart as her dark sister clapped her hands together. “Oooh, you’re making this so challenging to me, Sis. As you know, I’m always up for a good challenge,” Selena crooned before backing away into the forest. “It looks as though your mental powers are strengthening,” she said with a sigh. Her jaw stiffened. “Be sure that you don’t let your guard down, Sis.” Insane laughter erupted into the night. “When you close your eyes to sleep, I’ll be there. When you think you’ll have a normal, so-called life, I’ll be there. There’s no escaping me.”

Simone rose. “Only death will separate us, you twisted fuck!” she said bitterly.

“Yes, one of us must die. As it stands, you are no match for me, not until you embrace darkness. I was taking it easy on you, babe. I could have shifted into Hrothega form,” Selena reminded her harshly before disappearing into the forest.

Simone exhaled sharply while eyeing the full moon and fighting to blink back tears. It was true. She’d never defeat her sister, not as a pure heart. Stifling the urge to cry, she tightened her hands into fists. Guilt coiled her insides at the thought of Selena snuffing out their parents’ lives. She should have been there to protect them, but she’d been caring for her sickly grandfather who at two hundred years of age had died the night Selena annihilated their parents.

Selena’s threat wasn’t to be taken lightly. Currently, she had two choices. Embrace the dark path that plagued their clan or seek help from her old friend, and only ally. Veruca the sorceress. Most pure hearts were either killed or purposely slipped under the radar of their dark clan. She’d do the same.

X-Rated Excerpt:
Before she could say anything else, Sax pinned her arms over her head, planting a possessive kiss on her lips. She moaned as his tongue invaded her mouth, erotically dancing with hers.

All the while, Lucius had ripped her panties off her, balling them up in his large fist. Still kissing Sax, she watched out of the corner of her eye as the redheaded vampire’s nostrils flared while inhaling her womanly scent. The fire between her thighs danced higher at the sight of Lucius with her panties and Sax’s greedy tongue.

With a growl, the vampire tossed the flimsy material to the floor and shoved his face between her drenched thighs, eliciting a high-pitched squeal from Simone. He paused only for a few minutes to stroke the pulsating pink button. Smiling, he circled his index finger over her clit, then licked her from top to bottom.

“Mmm,” he spoke in a husky whisper. “It pleases me to see you so slick with want,” he continued, before slipping a finger inside her tight cavern.

“Oh, sweet, merciful God,” Simone cried out as the vampire increased his sinful actions on her wanton flesh.

“God can’t help you now,” Sax replied before sinking his fangs deep into her breast. Hungrily, he sucked while continuing to hold her arms above her head. With his other hand, he tweaked her nipples into utter submission, reminding her of who was the bringer of pleasure.

After finger-fucking her, Lucius swiped at her clitoris a few times before suckling it like a juicy peach. Gently, he nibbled on the engorged nubbin, forcing Simone to cry out again. “That’s it, my darling Simone.” He paused for a few moments to observe the ebony beauty writhing in exquisite pleasure. Swiftly, he lapped at her arousal dripping down her inner thigh before sinking his fangs into her femoral artery.

“Uh, Lucius!” she screamed as both vampires greedily feed upon her aching body, her hips undulating back and forth. Their tongues and fangs were almost more pleasure than she could bear. Simone’s knees wobbled as they unlatched their mouths from her.

“We’re going to fuck you by the fire,” Sax confessed before scooping her up in his strong arms. Lucius followed them over by the fire and smiled as he watched Sax lay her gently on the large black and silver pelt while stroking his cock.

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