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Tracy's Most Recent Books

Consumed by their unyielding obsession, neither will settle for partiality--it's all or nothing....

Seduce Me
, introduced you to Sonya Lewis, an audacious attorney from a middle-class upbringing, and Edward Von Marks, the breathtakingly handsome and overly arrogant Crown Prince of Sarbania. After a heated liaison, Edward welcomed Sonya into his realm of decadence as his submissive. As long as she behaved, the world was placed at her feet. But Sonya was no shrinking violet and found Edward wouldn’t be denied what was rightfully his. Now their story continues.

Their incendiary relationship soon becomes a journey of self-discovery whilst they struggle to preserve the essence of who they are. For Edward, this tears at the very heart of his exalted position and threatens to destroy him. As for Sonya, her association with Edward all but guarantees the unmitigated loss of her anonymity and unwanted thrust into the public eye. But it’s her secret which promises to bring Edwards’ kingdom to its knees.


Has the absence of his touch ever left you breathless?

lyanna Donaldson, the exceptionally talented daughter of an influential publishing mogul is about to find out. As an independently wealthy architectural engineer her life was set in stone until Nick Joseph came along. From their very first meeting, his touch sent chills down her spine…and she loved every second of it. Initially unaware that their relationship would send her racing into unfamiliar territory, Alyanna quickly surrenders her inhibitions and eventually her heart.

Nick soon discovers that Alyanna is stronger than he'd given her credit. She proved to be just as determined as he to secure their relationship.

Nick Joseph, a devastatingly handsome European God walked into Alyanna life and instantly attracted to Ali's grace and sensual nature. Hopelessly shielding her from his life altering secret, his true identity, Nick finds himself caught between his sense of duty and his unwavering commitment to her. Together they battle for what neither is willing to relinquish and what their bodies cry out for….each other.

Void of meaningless bickering and ego-driven power struggles, their saga exemplifies how adults should conduct themselves in a relationship. Their love story is a tale of unquenchable desire, genuine affection and absolute devotion where race goes unnoticed.

You are guaranteed to laugh, cry and beg for more

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"Nick and Ali are poised to become erotic fiction's undisputed darling couple. A wonderful read that engages the reader's senses from the first page. Perfectly pitched affection and intense passion will leave the readers begging for more. I didn't want their story to end." -J. Bowen, Author, Columnist

"Well done….Sexually alluring and genuinely entertaining.The readers are in for joy ride. This novel will definitely find its place on the nightstands of countless erotica fans." -S. Waters, Author

"This is a must read! Seduce me is a revelation of excitement and eroticism in which Ali experiences what other women only fantasize about. Nick is sexiness in its purest form…he will leave you thirsting for nothing less than the best sex of your life and Ali will have the male readers asking a collective 'Why can't you do that?'. Their tale is sexy, endearing with a taste of Ms. Ames wicked humor we have come to enjoy." -A Powell, Author



Seduce MeNick removed his shirt and shoes before joining Ali in the bathroom where she'd prepared bath water. Candlelight warmed the coldness of the marble infusing room. Standing before the mirror in her robe, placing her hair in a ponytail she caught a glimpse of Nick out of her peripheral admiring her from the doorway, taking her in.

Approaching from behind Nick looped powerful arms around her, shudders spread through Ali as he whispered into the side of her neck, "You're incredible," she leaned her head back giving him full view of her neck. He traced a path along her neckline, down the collar of her robe. Slowly he pulled it apart exposing one of her ample breast, lightly touching her nipple. Ali moaned feeling his erection against her back. She burned for him; she needed him.

The steam from the bath began to fog the large mirror before them, Ali watches their entwined reflection transform into a misty haze. He ran his hand down the trim of her robe allowing his fingers to graze her welcoming body gently, down her stomach releasing the loosely knotted cashmere tie; her robe fell open at his touch. He caressed her nude body underneath as his lips set the back of her neck on fire with each intentional kiss.

He slowly eased the robe from her delicate bronze shoulders and down her arms.

Without shame, self-consciousness or inhibition Ali stood before him, offering her body to him.

"I want to make love with you Ali," he said tenderly turning her to face him.

"I want you to."

"I know you want me but that is not exactly what I am saying. I do not enter into sexual relationships very easily. I need to know that this is not a game for you. Do you really want to see where this goes? It will not be an easy ride. There is baggage that comes with me, I need to be sure you fully understand what this means. Because if you are having second thoughts please tell me now, it would break my heart Ali but I would let you go," searching her face for understanding.

"Nick, I'm not going anywhere. I fell for the simple dirt man not the Prince. We have so much to learn about one another, I'm not leaving you sweetheart," she pressed her hand against his heart. "I judged you. I thought you'd used me, tried to make a fool out of me and that was wrong on my part. I hate when people prejudge me and I did the same to you without giving you a chance to explain. I'm sorry."

"Say it again," he said looking intensely into her eyes.

"Say what?"

"Say you are not leaving me. Save all of that other stuff. Just tell me that you are not leaving."

"I'm not leaving you," she said rubbing her nose across Nick's down turned nose.


"I'm not leaving you," she said as Nick brushed his mouth over hers.

"I'm not leaving you," she said, he placed tender kisses at the corners of her mouth.

"I'm not leaving you," she said, he took full possession of her soft full lips.

Seduce MeDrugged by the warmth of his mouth and accomplished tongue, Ali released a low moan as his unyielding hand massaged her aching nipple sending tremors through her body finding their home deep inside of her pussy. She yarned to feel his next touch, his next kiss. Whatever he had in store for them, she was ready to accept him without question.

"Please?" He said gesturing to the bathtub. Ali walked over, stepped inside and slowly lowered herself into the warm water resting her head on her bath pillow and began to wash her arm with a soapy bath sponge. Nick sat on the edge of the tub beside her admiring her unblemished beauty. "Lay back and relax. I'll take it from here," he said sending chills down her spine, she submitted.

Dipping the bath sponge into the water, he began exploring her slowly inch-by-inch. First, going across her shoulders, her head rolled to either side as his hand passed. Moving down her arms he skillfully cleaned her elbows, her wrist and her fingers one-by-one sucking each one afterwards. Then her back, she arched slightly from the sensation of his fingers tips sliding over her shoulder blades as he poured water over her back and shoulders rinses her clean. A faint whimper of pleasure escaped her lips as he came around to her breasts however any hopes that he would pay them special attention were quickly dashed when he brushed over them and continued his downward exploration to her stomach. Seeing her chest rise as he moved on, Nick kissed the back of her neck tenderly to which she moaned his name. "Take it easy baby. We have all night," he said softly.

Repositioning himself onto edge of the tub facing her, he placed one of her feet across his lap as he ran the sponge down the front of her calf, over her knee, up to her thigh. Ali longingly watched his upward progression, her pussy pleading for his masterful contact. Easing her leg back into the water, he collected the other, repeating the dance again.

"Nick," she groaned, her head slowly falling back as he moved closer to her allowing one of his fingers to glide into her pussy; every muscle giving way to him. Her body language said it all. She wasn't on the verge of an orgasm. She was enjoying the heavenly feel of his finger sliding into her and barely thumbing her clit. Her head back, her eyes closed, her hips setting the gentle pace of his finger, exhaling his name as she came. Nick covered her pussy with his hand watching her orgasm recede. Licking her lips her body gradually rolled to a stop.

"I'm speechless," she finally muttered.

"Don't speak. Rinse off and I'll be right back with your towel," he said watching her regain her senses. Ali sat up leisurely washing several handfuls of water over her skin. Nick returned to the bathroom with a large towel and swaddled her securely after helping her from the tub and drying her from head to toe. Wrapping her in her robe, he guided her to the bedroom, sat her on the bed, lifting her feet atop, he move over her slowly laying her on her pillow and kissed her lips before rising.

"Where do you want it?" he asked.

"Anywhere you want to put it," she answered making herself more comfortable.

Warming her body cream with his hands, he began its application over her flawlessness.

First to her arms, then her shoulders, then her tits, working his way down her stomach, to her thighs, to her knees which he kissed, to her calves, to her feet. "Ali, you are so beautiful," he said kissing the inside of her calf before lowering himself between her legs, she spread and slightly bend them giving him unobstructed access. "Thank you for trusting me." he whispered softly kissing her inner thighs. "I'm going to make you the happiest woman in the world." He wrapped his arms under and around her legs putting him in the perfect position to manipulate her pussy. She inhaled sharply knowing his next move.

Seduce MeUsing the flat of his tongue he licked the outside of her pussy from bottom to the top of her clit; he felt her relax. This wasn't going to be a quickie. He intended to take his time and appreciate her body making this time exceptional, and give her as much gratification as humanly possible. She whined as he moved his tongue in slow circular motions inside of her pussy while his lips gently kneaded the outside. Drawing her lips into his mouth, he massaged them with his tongue.

"Oh God," she groaned raising her arms above her head clinching her pillow. "Damn baby you're going to make me cum."

"Cela était mon projet." (That was my plan) Nick said kissing her pussy lips as he came up for air before returning to his feast. Ali's body jerked slightly, he drug her back into submission. "Oh vous m'aimez que parlant du français à vous, n'est-ce pas? Pourquoi vous ne m'avez pas dit?) (Oh you like me speaking French to you, don't you? Why didn't you tell me?) he said enveloping her exposed her clit with his mouth, sucking it momentarily and releasing it.

"Holy shit Nick! I didn't know! Whoa!" her legs began to shaking.

Reading her body language, he took her clit into his mouth gently sucking it while simultaneously flicking his tongue over and around it thoughtfully increasing the pressure and speed according to her response. She began grinding towards his face. His long hot methodic tongue strokes sent Ali into heaven but it was his two fingers constantly slipping into her that sent her into orbit. "Oh shit Nick, keep going, I'm going to cum on your mouth" she cried clawing at her pillow.

Flicking her clit, he had her exactly where he wanted her. He said, "You want to cum on my mouth Ali?"

"Yes! Nick please, oh God I'm about to cum!" she called out.

Giving her another long lick he stopped. "Not like this baby." Releasing her, he flipped her over flat on her stomach, spread her legs and slid his long, thick, rock hard cock into her throbbing pussy. "That's better," he said into the side of her head.

"Nick! Nick!" she bucked taking in more of him. Using one of his arms to support his weight, he lay on her back placing tiny bites onto the back and side of her neck.

"You like that? You want more?" he said directly into her ear. Ali found herself helplessly mute as he drove harder and further into her. She bit the pillow muffling her screams as he performed what could have been mistaken as a class-A felony from behind.
Nick had never been with a woman that could handle his demanding cock for any extended amount of time. Yet he'd been pummeling the living shit out Ali's tight pussy for a solid 15 minutes and she was begging for more. He'd found a keeper. "Tell me Ali.

Seduce MeTell me what you want me to do to your pussy," he said his dick embedding so deep it tapped her womb's end.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me! Do…whatever…that…was…again. I've never had anything like this before! Baby your cock is killing…oh shit!" she muttered half out of her wits. "Harder. Harder! More! Nick I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" she screamed from the depths of her soul. Her pussy walls grabbed his dick, milking it in rhythm with her panting breaths. He was on the brink of exploding inside her. He had to stop.

"Ali, I'm not wearing a condom, I can't cum like this. I have to get up," he said pulling out of her and sat back on his knees breathing heavily trying to calm himself before falling on his back next to her exhausted and unsatisfied.

A few minutes passed before she spoke, "You didn't cum," she said rolling on her side, running her hand down his heaving muscular chest trailing down to his rippling abs.

Opening his eyes he kissed her full lips, "No, I did not cum. I wasn't wearing a condom.

They're sitting in the living room over the fireplace," he said closing his eyes as if looking at her would send him over the top.

Kissing the parameter of his face, his eyes, his perfect nose, and his gently parted lips; Ali slowly mounts him sliding his hard shaft deep into her pussy. He sat up cradling her face in his hands searching her eyes as if to ask if she fully understood what she was asking of him, what she was asking of herself; she nodded giving herself over to him.

Both concentrating on the others eyes, they looped arms around one another; she around his neck, he under her arms and around her graceful back, wrapping her legs around him, Ali fused their bodies together. Rocking into one another, gradually, purposefully finding their rhythm beginning slowly then faster, increasing as their simultaneous orgasms sent quiet tremors of ecstasy surging through them, both exhaling lightly as Nick shot his load deep inside of Ali's greedy pussy; she willingly accepted every drop.

Rendered unable to speak, they held each other as if they depended on the others very existence

End of Excerpt

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