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Christopher Reilley's Acoustic Ink Interview

Interracial Erotica

Christopher Reilley's Acoustic Ink Interview

There is no other poetry quite as exquisite as the work of Christopher Reilley. He is a master of the written word when it comes to any genre of poetry.

He has a hypnotic way of capturing his readers. From rapture, to joy, to sadness, to hurt, he embodies emotion as if it were a delicious fine wine.

He sweeps us off our feet with the intensity he projects in his pieces. He collects his thoughts, using each colorful word carefully, creating a beautiful palette of expression. Once his masterpiece is complete he leaves us in awe and wonder.

His beauty is engraved in the hearts of us all. He’s an exceptional artist and a dedicated father.

His work is a must read. Acoustic Ink is honored to feature this remarkable artist.

Christopher’s interview with our team:
Name: Christopher Reilley
Location: Dedham, MA

Q: How many hours a day do you write?
A: At least one every day, come Hell or high water, often more. I use my daily 45 minute commute to plot and plan, and twist word balloons in my head.

Q: How do you deal with personal doubters?
A: The only doubt that matters is my own, and while it exists, it speaks in too small a voice for me to listen.

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